Guiding you through the financial difficulties and challenges you may face. 

Money Guide. It is what it sounds like.

We help guide you through all your money problems and adversities, to get you to a place of abundance and peace of mind. Currently, we only offer this for personal finances, and are hoping to expand this service to business’ soon.

We offer a 90-day program to help you change direction in your finances. To guide you out of that success gap and into a surplus, not to say that will happen in that 90 days, but we will get you on the right track to getting you there.

We only work with motivated people, who are willing to put in the hard work, and make short term sacrifices for a lifetime of gain.

This process is broken down into 4 steps: Vision, Reality, Execute, and Legacy.


What do you really want, what do you want to gain from becoming financially free? Really, think about it, logically and emotionally.


Find low hanging fruit and get rid of it. You want to start with small victories and work your way up to the bigger things. Those subscriptions you never use, bringing your lunch into work, eating out less, etc. The quicker you can see the results, the more momentum you will build to keep working towards your dreams, goal, aspirations.


Where are you now? Take a good hard thorough look through your current financial statements and see where your money is going. What is preventing you from having that financial surplus each month?


Make sure it sticks! You didn’t work this hard for months to have things go back to the way they were! You made those hard sacrifices and you are now so close to reaching your goals! Stick with it until you have reached the status of financial freedom! You’re not only doing this for you, but for your family as well! You’ve got this!

Now we have given you the basic formula of this 90-day program, and yes, you could do this by yourself, but, why?

When you sign up for this program you will receive:

  • an online course with all your curriculum
  • access to the private Facebook group (where you can chat with people that are going through the same course as you; receive advice, words of encouragement, and plenty of ideas),
  • … and of course access to us, your personal money guide.

We will be here every step of the way, to hold you accountable, and to help guide you in a new direction. Reach out to us today and see how we can help you and your family!

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