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Keeping accurate financial records for your business. These include: your sales, purchases, receipts, dues & subscriptions, invoices, etc. Every piece of vital information will be properly filed within the software system.

Financial Reporting

This includes 3 major financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement (aka Profit & Loss), and Statement of Cash Flows. Along with receiving statements, you can schedule a free conference call or video chat to have your bookkeeper go over them with you.


Known as the “Killer B’s”; these two combined will skyrocket your business! By having a budget you take control of your finances and tell them what they should be. While benchmarking on the other hand compares you to everyone else in your industry. You can see where you’re spending too much or too little, this will ultimately help you redefine your budget.

Financial Review

This is an in-depth analysis of your finances as they are in your bookkeeping software. Our goal here is to catch any major problems, and speak with you about how to better keep your finances in order..

Growth Plan

This is a calculated business activity that allows business owners to plan and track organic growth in their revenue. It lets businesses assign their limited funds toward a centered effort to acclimate to the fluctuations in the industry driven by digital disruption and differentiate from competitors.

Monthly Software Subscription

When you purchase a package your monthly software subscription is included. Whether you decide to go with Quickbooks or Xero, no need to worry about paying for another subscription, we’ll take care of that for you.

Transparent and Ethical

We want to be as transparent as possible especially when it comes to what we offer and the way we’re priced. We know every business is different so we want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know us.

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Monthly Clean Up

Let us know what exactly you’re looking for. We offer monthly services like bookkeeping, payroll, and so much more. We also offer one-time cleanup services. That’s where we would go in and do your books for a backdated period so they’re ready for tax time! If both cleanup and monthly services are needed, just check both boxes.

Services Requested*

Let us know what services you’re interested in. Whether its just basic bookkeeping, or you need invoicing and bill pay to manage all your important customers, we’ve got you covered. Just check more than one if you’re interested in multiple services.

Average Number of Monthly Transactions

This one is important; it’s how we base the cost of almost all our services. All we need is your best estimate of the average number of transactions that pass through all your business accounts (checking, savings, money market, credit cards, etc.) within a month. You can find this number on your bank statements. Remember, this number is a crucial factor in receiving an accurate quote!

Number of Employees

Even if you’re not interested in payroll, entering paystub information is a vital part in reconciling your accounts. Plus, it gives us a little more insight into the size of your business! If you’re the only employee, just put 1.

Months of Back work

Odds are, you haven’t been keeping up on the books, and that’s okay! We’re here to help, just let us know how many months need to be reconciled to get you caught up. If none, just put zero.

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This is also where you would mention any AD’s or deals you might’ve seen that brought you here! If you haven’t seen any, just ask!

Important Details

Free 30 minute consultation

No yearly contract, we operate on a month to month basis

All bookkeeping services are completely tax deductible

Unlimited emailing for any questions or concerns, we promise to respond within 24 hours

Each package includes a monthly video or phone conference call


"I've used other bookkeeping services in the past, but none compared to Protected Bookkeeping. Tina took the time to listen and address all of my concerns for both of my businesses and my personal accounts. I will never use any other service after the excellent service I've received from Protected Bookkeeping and their staff."

Janice Cervantes

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