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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. Do have a read before getting in touch with us. 

What do you charge?

Pricing varies from client to client and depends on a few things. For example: if you would like monthly or quarterly bookkeeping, what package you choose, if you need cleanup work, or if you would like to add on any additional services; such as: A/P or A/R. Every situation is different and all packages are completely customizable to fit your specific needs.

Why should I go with Protected Bookkeeping LLC?

What makes our approach unique is the unorthodox methods we use for our process. These include: hands-on owner’s involvement, clear client communication, out-of-the-box solutions, tech-reliant processes, and custom bookkeeping packages. Since we are a small family owned business we pride ourselves on being able to provide a personal relationship that will better help us assist your business to its fullest potential.

Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

82% of all businesses fail due to cash flow problems, which is why Entrepreneur Magazine says bookkeeping is the first thing your business need to outsource. By outsourcing your bookkeeping you not only save money, you gain time! Let the professionals handle your finances so you can focus solely on your businesses and customers.

How does virtually bookkeeping work?

Everything is done over email, video chat, or the phone. So whether you’re in California or New York we’ve got you covered. Everything is stored in the accounting software, Xero or Quickbooks, and all the paperwork that you fill out and send back to us is safe and sound in a program we use called FolderLock.

Folder Lock is the only product that offers military grade 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption as well as syncing of encrypted files to an online cloud storage.

Is my information really safe in the cloud?

Yes! Reliable cloud services are some of the most protected documents you can have, as long as you have a decent password. It seems like nowadays the only way to keep your data secure for certain is to bolt it up, chain it closed, and throw it into the ocean. With that being said, your sensitive information is typically safer in the cloud versus your locally stored data.

Do you only help a specific industry?

No, we gladly help anyone and everyone!

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